The coastal FUNK Story

free your funk

Coming to you live from Florida's very own 'Shine City'

Funk is a feeling, a vibe, a lifestyle. Funk can be whatever you want it to be. Free it, find it; we welcome it! We embrace the “No Normalcy” way of life, where we famously throw hurricane parties and read our children bedtime stories of the legendary Florida man. Home of the ferocious, fry-hunting seagulls and the land of the sun and sand; where one of our most dominant professional teams plays on ice, no normalcy lies between these state lines.

coastal Funk was conceived after a night of drinking hand grenades while visiting New Orleans, looking out into a sea of the raddest people full of glitter and pride for their city. It was then that our mission to help Floridians free their funk was realized.

The days of reppin' ordinary t-shirts with the name of the beach you visited are over. An accent for the outgoing partier, or the perfect icebreaker for the introvert. We’re here to give you local butter and tourist gold. No normlacy lives here. Whoever you are, coastal FUNK welcomes you.